The Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex are strong cold winds that generally blow around the north pole in the Arctic, in an anti-clockwise direction. It is a whirlpool of freezing dense air. These winds usually keep the cold Arctic air from moving away from the Arctic region of the northern hemisphere. However, in some exceptional cases, it can move… Continue reading The Polar Vortex

New Old Spice Commercial Goes Viral The latest Old Spice Commercial has gone viral. The commercial advertising Old Spice’s Re-Fresh Body Spray was released on the company’s YouTube page on Friday, January 4, 2014. By the end of the weekend, the ad had received almost a million views even though it has yet to air on television. Part of the… Continue reading New Old Spice Commercial Goes Viral

Football Legend Eusebio Dead at 71


According to officials with Club Benfica, Portugal footballer Eusebio da Silva Ferreira, better known as Eusebio or simply as the Black Panther,  is dead at the age of 71 of an apparent heart attack. Eusebio’s official biographer Jose Malheiro said that Eusebio had been admitted to the hospital for heart and respiratory problems several times… Continue reading Football Legend Eusebio Dead at 71