Canada Leading Delegation to China Country

Canada Leading Delegation to China Country

November 5, 2014 – Canada starts a Trade mission to China. Minister of international trade talked about the network of both countries. The Prime Minister of Canada “Stephen Harper” went to the Alibaba headquarters for open questions and answers discussions.

The Prime Minister of Canada Attended the APEC 2014 Summit (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation).

prime minister canada stephen harper china
Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper visits China.

There was a signing of more than 20 commercial agreements. The agreements are valued at over $2.5 billion dollars which will create more than 2000 new jobs in Canada. The Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper also visited the China business council luncheon where both business leaders from Canada in China connect. The Prime Minister of Canada also visited The Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.

The two government officials participated on bilateral meetings (Source).

The commercial agreements include such sectors as; energy, mining, aerospace, transportation, construction, infrastructure, food, information, and communications technologies.

Some of the companies that are in the signing deals are: Airborne China Ltd., Heilongjiang InterChina Water Ltd., Plasco China, Shougang Group, and Krypton International Inc.

Facts about the China Canada inter-connections:

The trades between Canada and China are responsible for one in five jobs in Canada. There are approximately 470,000 jobs in Canada due to trade between China.

In 2013, the merchandise trade between Canada and China was $73.2 billion dollars. Also during the 2013 period; Canada’s merchandising exports were nearly $20.5 billion dollars. This number represents 7.7 percent of Canada’s merchandise exports.

A Quote from Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

“The numerous business agreements signed today illustrate that Canadian and Chinese companies and organizations are eager to do business together and take bilateral commercial ties to new heights. These newly signed agreements will generate jobs and economic growth in Canada”.


List of companies in the new Commercial Agreement deal:

  • Air Canada
  • Airborne China Limited
  • Bombardier
  • Anemoi
  • Candu Energy Inc.
  • DHX Media
  • Consolv Technologies Inc.
  • Eldorado Gold Corporation
  • Green Power Labs
  • FTG Aerospace
  • Kryton International Inc.
  • KELK
  • LeMine Investment Group
  • MHKW Architects
  • Pacific Potash Corporation
  • Plasco China
  • The Canadian Foundation for Chinese Heritage Preservation and the Chinese Culture Promotion Society of Canada
  • Suncor Energy
  • University of Alberta



The Hong Kong Protest For A True Right To Vote

The Story of the Hong Kong Protest:

The Hong Kong Protesters are protesting for a more democratic government in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is part of China under the “One Country”, and “Two Systems” policy.  Although China is part of Hong Kong; Hong Kong has different legal systems, and financial systems. China’s Committee of the National People’s Congress announced the adoption of selecting the Chief Executive by having Hong Kong peoples’ vote for the Chief Executive of Hong Kong starting in 2017. (Download, Chief Executive CY Leung’s Announcement)

 The Protesters Interpretations:

The protesters states that China nominates candidates for the election process.  The Hong Kong protesters wants the elections of the Chief Executive to be free from the screening process of China.  The protesters believe that the selection process of China to nominate candidates would be unfair for the people of Hong Kong.  The protesters wants the selection process to be free from China’s screening and selections. (Protesting Hong Kong Information).

hong kong protest occupy central
The Hong Kong Protest for a True Right To Vote. The Occupy Central Protesting Event.

Hong Kong Government Involvement With Stability:

The government of Hong Kong has announced that the Occupy Central protesters to stay calm, not  to charge at the police (Government Updates).

The Hong Kong police noted that there are various locations in Kowloon and on Hong Kong Island roads have been blocked by protesters.

To maintain the banking system in Hong Kong; The monetary Authority and affected banks closed branches, offices, and ATMs until the protests is over.

Occupy Central:

The protesting event is named “Occupy Central”.  There is a massive following on Twitter regarding the Hong Kong protest (Tweets).  Some of the protesters write songs, perform music, and draw paintings to illustrate their frustration with the Hong Kong government.

Hong Kong:

The word Hong Kong means “Fragrant Harbour” in Cantonese.  Hong Kong was taken over by Britain after defeating China after the period of the Opium War.  The British took over in 1842.  In 1997, Britain (The United Kingdom) handed Hong Kong over to the People’s Republic of China.  This transfer of ownership ended the 156 years rule under the British colonial governance.  Hong Kong is one of the important financial centres of the world, along with New York, and London.


China is a sovereign state in East Asia.  china’s capital city is Beijing.  The “Communist Party of China (CPC)” took full control in 1949, and still controls China until this time.

Links For More Informations regarding the Hong Kong Governments views and the Occupy Central views:


People of Scotland Vote to Stay in the United Kingdom

The people of Scotland have rejected independence and instead have chosen to be united forever with their English and Welsh neighbors in a historic referendum that had worried investors as well as allies. The results of the voting was declared within two hours from the time counting started on Friday morning. According to the news agency Reuters, the supporters of United Kingdom won the contest with 55 percent of the vote share. Those in the independence camp conceded their defeat soon after the picture became clear as they got only 45 percent of the vote share.

The First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond admitted defeat for the time being. On the other hand, the members of the unionist campaign couldn’t contain their emotions as they poured drinks, clapped and cheered as soon as the results were declared. British Prime Minister David Cameron who made an emotional appeal to the people of Scotland before the vote to stay united is expected to make a statement.

The nationalists managed to win the largest city of Scotland, Glasgow, but they failed to convince the rest of the population. The campaign for independence saw the country with a population of 5.3 million galvanize, but it also managed to divide friends and family from the big cities to the smaller remote islands.

Many celebrities from Scotland also aired their views on the vote. For instance actor Gerrard Butler and Sean Connery though couldn’t vote, but favored to for an independent nation. Even tennis star Andy Murray tweeted on Thursday supporting an independent nation. Some of the famous Scottish nationals who were against separating from UK included former Manchester United manager and legend Sir Alex Fergusson and actor Ewan McGregor.

An unprecedented number of 4.8 million voters turned up for voting which is almost 97 percent of the electorate. The prospect of the world’s sixth-largest economy breaking up stoked major concern across Europe and the United States. The Union Jack after all won’t see any change and the country that has remained together for 307 years will continue to remain together as Great Britain.


Rob Ford Diagnosed with an Unusual Form of Cancer

rob ford
© Visentini

The mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford was recently diagnosed with cancer. He is all set to undergo a few sessions of chemotherapy as part of his treatment that may even require a surgery and radiation treatment. According to Ford’s doctor Zane Cohen who is an expert in rectal and colon surgery at the Mount Sinai Hospital, the mayor has a reasonably aggressive malignant pleomorphic liposarcoma. What makes it a rare form is the fact that it arises from soft tissue structures of which there are only sixty different types. He is quite confident though that Ford’s treatment will be successful, but he didn’t say anything about the chances of his recovery from this disorder.

The mayor has a history of health issues thanks to his addiction to alcohol and his habit of taking crack cocaine. The Mount Sinai Hospital where Ford is being treated is quite well known for having doctors and physicians who specialize in such rare form of cancer that develops in the human body. Ford famously abandoned his campaign for re-election last week to get admitted to the hospital. Since that incident, Rob has moved to seeking a seat at the City Council while his eldest brother Doug Ford has took his place on the mayoral ballot.

Ford was initially admitted to the hospital after a tumor was found in the fatty tissue of his abdomen which became so big that that certain parts of the tumor started to die as a result of insufficient blood supply. The smaller tumor was found in his buttock. Both the tumors have been removed. However, he will have to go through an intense three day chemotherapy treatment which will take place over an interval of seventeen days.

Steve Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada issued a statement where he said that his thoughts and prayers are with Ford’s family and wished for his speedy recovery on behalf of the entire population of Canada.


Jesse Ventura Wins $1.8 Million in a Defamation Lawsuit

Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura, a former governor of Minnesota won a long legal battle on Tuesday in a US District Court in St.Paul. The jury awarded a total of $1.8 million as damages to the 63-year-old for causing harm to his reputation and unfair enrichment against the estate of late Navy SEAL-turned author Chris Kyle.

Ventura’s lawyers said the outcome of the defamation case cleared their contention that Kyle indeed had made-up a story about him in the 2012 bestseller “American Sniper.” However, the former Navy frogman’s reputation has been sullied forever.

The court found that Kyle defamed Ventura by making up a passage in his book which described Ventura getting into a fight in a bar in California. Experts believe that it was a difficult case for the former politician to win especially being a public figure as he had to prove actual malice.

It took a week for the jury to come to a decision after the beginning of deliberations as the lawyers from both sides took a gamble and lowered their threshold to elicit a verdict which was declared three weeks after the trial began. Both the sides agreed that the verdict need not be unanimous and said that they would accept any verdict even if eight of the jury members come to an agreement.

The numbers finally tilted in favor of the former wrestler and he won the verdict 8-2. Kyle’s wife Taya Kyle was evidently astonished and hurt by the verdict. They are considering all the legal options available to them before they make their next move.

After the verdict, the jury also had to award damages to Ventura for the harm caused to him. They had to find out whether Ventura suffered any financial losses as a result of the statement made by Kyle in his book. Ventura’s attorney David Bradley Olsen stated that Kyle’s estate earned close to $6 million from the sale of the book as well as through royalties and claimed a compensation of $5 million.


Eric Cantor Loses to Tea Party Candidate

A shocking outcome of the primary election held recently was that the House Majority leader Eric Cantor lost to his Tea Party challenger David Brat. This outcome is seen by many as the biggest let down in the history of American politics as David Brat, an economics professor, is an unknown figure in the world of politics.

The 51-year-old Cantor is one of the most senior Republicans currently in the House and he was widely expected to take over the position of speaker from the incumbent John Boehner. However, with the results declared on Tuesday going against him, he no longer can stand for a re-election from Virginia. This latest election result has severely damaged the image of the Republicans who thought that they had survived the onslaught by the Tea Party.

As soon as three quarters of the votes were counted, the result became quite clear and the Associated Press even gave a prediction about who was heading towards victory. Cantor, who admitted defeat, now is in a very dicey situation as he lost his position as the power-broker for the party in Washington. Cantor can stand as a write-in candidate from Virginia’s 8th district, but it is very unlikely.

The fight between the Republicans and the conservative Tea Party leaders has been the most fierce of its sort in recent times, which last year led to the shutdown of the government. Brat’s victory is also very surprising as the Republicans had easily beaten their conservative rivals in other states of America. For instance in South Carolina, senator Lindsey Graham comfortably defeated her Tea Party challengers by getting more than 50 percent of the votes.

The more conservative Cantor didn’t leave any stone unturned with regards to his campaign as he spent a lot of money and effort to win the election. His campaign was mainly based on pointing fingers at the lack of experience of his opponent which the voters didn’t buy. Brat, however, raised more relevant issues like the immigration reform and the extension of the debt ceiling while taking on the GOP establishment. These issues stuck a chord with the voters who supported him in droves.

Even with this victory, Brat cannot rest on his laurels as he will be facing a fresh election in November for the House seat. This time, he will be up against a fellow professor and Democratic nominee Jack Trammell.

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Monica Lewinsky Breaks her Silence

After maintaining silence for more than a decade, the former White House intern Monica Lewinsky has finally decided to disclose each and every detail about her affair with the then President Bill Clinton in a magazine column for Vanity Fair. Monica who is now 40 years old is quite determined to write an article through which she can break her silence over the affair.

The incident took place 18 years back when Monica was just 22 years old. According to Monica, the affair occurred between two willing adults. However, later on she regretted what happened between them and reiterated this fact many times. She said that Bill took advantage of her, but also admitted that the relationship was consensual and whatever abuse took place, happened in the aftermath. Bill wanted to protect his powerful position, so he was trying to make her the scapegoat.

Her reputation took a severe beating thanks to the Clinton administration, media and the numerous political operatives who branded her as wretched woman with a questionable character. She said that the main reason of her speaking out like this about what happened to her is because of Tyler Clementi who was bullied and tormented to death because he was gay. By sharing her story, Monica wants to help those who are facing humiliation and harassment from society.

Bill Clinton initially denied having any sexual relationship with Monica, but on August 1998, he admitted to having physical relationship with Monica which ultimately led to his impeachment. The entire affair also affected his relationship with his wife Hillary Clinton who worked alongside Barack Obama as the Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. The entire column written by Monica will soon appear in the June issue of the magazine.


Obama Appears on “Between Two Ferns” to Promote his Healthcare Program

President Barack Obama who is known for his off-beat ways to promote something he believes in, did the same recently when he appeared on the web-based talk show “Between Two Ferns”. The show is hosted by Zach Galifianakis, the comedian-actor best known for his role in the Hangover movie series. The funny or die video is quite hilarious as Obama answered the ridiculous questions posed by Zach in a calm and composed manner and at times even got the better of him.

The interview which lasted only about six minutes, was conducted solely because Obama wanted the young people in his country to enroll with Obamacare- one of his pet projects through President Obama cracked quite a few jokes on the show and gave Zach a run for his money when it came to being witty.

Zach went speechless when president said that running for a third term would be just like producing a third Hangover film which turned out to be a dud. While Obama wanted to talk about Obamacare, Zach kept on asking about other irrelevant topics.

President’s senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer admitted that it was a little tricky for Obama to handle Zach who has quite a reputation of doing weird things on his show, like spanking Justin Beiber.

Obama told the viewers of the show how important it is to sign up with Obamacare and urged them to do it as soon as possible as the deadline for signing up is 31 March. The efforts have started yielding results a lot of people have shown their interest in the project. However, the government wants to do more and this appearance of the president on the show was just one of the many steps taken by the government in this direction.