Antacid Aspirin Combination Warning From FDA

Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) Warning on Aspirin and Antacid Medicine Combination:
Aspirin containing antacid medicines can cause bleeding. When taking over the counter products to treat heartburn or upset stomach, consider medicines without the aspirin in the contents. The effects of taking the combinations can lead to a sour stomach, upset stomach, intestinal bleeding and acid indigestion. For individuals with higher risk of bleeding, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) believes that aspirin combination can lead to major bleeding events because Aspirin thins the blood. When looking for medicines for upset stomach, the FDA recommends medicines that contain only antacid, calcium carbonate, and magnesium hydroxide. These contents can treat acid indigestion, heartburn, upset stomach, and sour stomach.  People should look for labels containing the contents when looking for stomach medicines.


Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


Record Powerball Jackpot at $1.3 Billion

Everyone is rushing to buy the Powerball ticket in hopes for their dreams to come true. The Powerball is at a record of $1.3 billion U.S. dollars. People have been waiting to buy the ticket. The Powerball draw will be on Jan.13, 2016. The Powerball is drawn every Wednesdays and Saturdays nights at 10:59 PM.

The states are advertising the lotteries on billboards around the United States as $999 million because some the computers can’t go past a billion digits on most of the signs.

The lottery pot started to grow in November 4, 2015 at $40 million and slowly edged upwards.

Information about Powerball:

The balls are drawn, and there are five white balls out of a 69 balls and one red ball out of 26 red balls. The main jackpot is won by matching all five white balls in any order and the red Powerball. Total of six balls are drawn from the container.

The lottery is operated by 36 member states in the United States of America.

Video of Powerball draw on January 9, 2016:


Powerball website:


Protests Spread Across United States Over the Decision of the Jury on Ferguson Shooting

Many people across the United States gathered on the roads to protest against the decision taken by a jury not to charge the white policeman Darren Wilson who shot dead 18-year-old Michael Brown on the ninth of August this year. Demonstrations were being carried out from Seattle to New York City. Most of these demonstration was peaceful, but riots broke out in some places including Ferguson, Missouri where the shooting took place. National Guard Troops numbering more than 2200 had to be deployed to stop any further unrest.

The situation was pretty grave in California, Oakland where the protest turned violent as rioters vandalized police vehicles and broke window panes of restaurants and convenience stores. Many people had to be arrested to control the situation as cars were being set on fire. In Los Angeles, the protestors blocked the 101 freeway causing a huge traffic jam.

People in Ferguson, which is a St. Louis neighborhood dominated by the African-American community were expecting the grand jury to indict Darren Wilson on charges of killing Brown, but there was widespread outrage when the decision went in favor of the officer. The lawyers of Brown’s family termed the decision as unfair, but also condemned the violent outburst following the decision.

In Manhattan, police commissioner William Bratton told news persons that they were willing to allow the demonstrators to protest as long as they remained non-violent. The situation continued to be grave into the second night as the issue seems to be escalating out of hand. President Barack Obama spoke out against the massive violent protests, urging the people to stay calm and that there was no excuse whatsoever for any destructive behavior even though he understood the frustration of many about the law not being enforced consistently or fairly.

Wilson who is on a paid leave, said that he has a clear conscience and that there was nothing he could have done differently. The issue, clearly has rattled the fabric of the largely peaceful American society.


Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alvarado Found Murdered Ahead of the Miss World Competition

The Miss World competition is normally marked by a lot of festivities as beauty queens from more than 120 nations get together for parties and reception. This year however, things will be very different as one of the contestants Maria Jose Alvarado who was missing since the last few days and was all set to represent her nation Honduras was found shot dead allegedly by Plutarco Ruiz. Her elder sister Sofia Trinidad was also killed in the same incident. Their grieving mother Teresa Munoz told news-persons that her daughters were naive and trusting.

A somber memorial has been organized for Miss Honduras on Sunday by the organizers of the pageant where all the contestants are expected to participate. The whole incident has shocked the organizers. The incident took place on November 13, a day before Alvarado planned to fly to London for the ceremony. She was accompanying her sister and her boyfriend Ruiz at a high-end spa in the Santa Barbara province of Honduras. According to police, there was a heated argument between Trinidad and Ruiz which became pretty ugly as Ruiz pulled out a gun and shot at Trinidad first after which he shot Alvarado who was trying to flee.

When the two girls were reported missing, the 32-year-old Ruiz was the only main suspect and he confessed his crime and led the police to the place where the bodies were dumped. However, Ruiz has changed his position now and is claiming that the police are making up stories and that he is not guilty. He said that he was romantically involved with Sofia, but he considered her as his mistress as he has a wife back in his village.

The police officials believe that his protests of innocence won’t convince any jury or judge to set him free as he has been on the wrong side of the law in the past and is a dangerous narco trafficker.


Brutal Attack on a Synagogue Leaves Five People Dead in Jerusalem

The holy city of Jerusalem witnessed a barbarous attack when two Palestinians armed with a gun and meat cleaver stormed into a synagogue killing five people on Tuesday. The two attackers were subsequently shot dead by the police. This was one of the most gruesome attack in six years in the city after a Palestinian gunman killed eight persons in a school back in 2008. Three of the victims were American nationals while one was a British citizen. A policeman who was engaged in the encounter got shot and died of his wounds. Four out of the five victims were rabbis.

There were several others who got wounded in the attack including Howard Rothman a Canadian-Israeli dual citizen who is in a critical condition and is receiving treatment.

The attack took place in the Kehillat Bnei Torah synagogue which is located in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in West Jerusalem. According to one witness 25 people were praying in the synagogue when the shootout took place.

This latest incident has led to a rise in tension between Israel and Palestine as Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister has directly accused Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian President of causing unrest in the city. Abbas though came out and disapproved the savage killing of civilians. Netanyahu went on to say that Israel will settle the score with each and every terrorist and their dispatchers. Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic outfit endorsed the attack, but didn’t claim to have carried it out.

Tension has been brewing for quite some time now between the two countries over a holy site as it houses the al-Aqsa mosque which is supposed to be the third holiest in Islam after Mecca and Medina. For the Jews it is sacred because two biblical temples stood there once.

World leaders reacted swiftly against this attack. US President Barack Obama speaking to reporters at the White House strongly condemned the attack and called on both sides to lower the simmering tension.


Terminally Ill Cancer Patient Brittany Maynard Ends her Life

Brittany Maynard, a young newly-wed woman who found out earlier in the year that she had terminal brain cancer and had only a few months to live, ended her life on Saturday by taking lethal drugs which were prescribed to her by a doctor. She was living in California when she was diagnosed with the cancer, but she moved to Oregon to make use of  the state’s law that allows terminally ill patients to take their own life. She had become the advocate of the controversial right-to-die campaign.

The 29-year-old was given just six months to live by doctors in California. She and her husband Dan Diaz then decided to move to Oregon as California law doesn’t allow people to take their own lives. Sean Crowley, the spokesman of Compassion and Choices, an organization that seeks to expand the aid-in-dying laws to other states in America said that Maynard died peacefully in the arms of her husband just like the way she intended it to be. Crowley said that Maynard began experiencing longer and frequent seizures which became very painful over a period of time. She decided to take the aid-in-dying medication when the pain became unbearable.

All her family members had accepted her choice when she decided to take her life on November 1st. She was never suicidal, but wanted to die on her own terms.

Earlier last month, she was interviewed by The Associated Press. During that interview she told that her family members were really hoping for a miracle to take place, but she knew that there was no cure and when they looked down at the facts, no one really wanted her to suffer anymore pain. Oregon is the first state in America where under the Death with Dignity Act, a doctor is allowed to prescribe a life-ending drug to a patient of sound mind, who has no chance of a recovery. This act came into existence thanks to the efforts of Barbara Coombs Lee, the President of Compassion and Choices.


Shooting Inside the Canadian Parliament Leaves One Soldier Dead

Canada, a country that has been immune to terror attacks for quite some time, was shocked to witness two back-to-back terror strikes with the latest one involving a brazen attack on Parliament Hill in Ottawa by a gun man. The attack left one soldier dead. The attack was carried out by a person named Michael Zehaf-Bibeau who somehow managed to force his way into the Canadian parliament and started firing randomly before he was killed by a ceremonial officer.

Just a day before this incident, there was an attack on a streets in Quebec, where a radicalized man mowed down a soldier with his car. These attacks clearly suggest that Canada is not really immune to  the terror attacks that we have seen being carried out across the world. The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, addressed the nation after the attacks and condemned the incident and sent out a strong message to the perpetrators that the country will not be intimidated by these attacks and will give a fitting reply in due course of time.

Harper was inside the parliament building addressing his party members when the attack took place. He was immediately taken out of the building and was sent to a safe and undisclosed location. The attack which took place at 10 AM on Wednesday resulted in the killing of a ceremonial guard of Ottawa’s war memorial, Corporal Nathan Cirillo. Immediate medical attention was given to the soldier, but he died from his wounds soon after he was shot.

After killing the corporal, the suspect managed to get as far as the ornate Hall of Honor past a few armed guards before he was shot dead by sergeant Kevin Vickers a veteran of the RCMP. The sergeant was praised widely for taking such a swift action and stopped any more damage from happening as some of the adjacent rooms were filled with many people.

The people of Canada hope that there are no more such incidents and the country’s culture of freedom and openness would remain intact.


Paralyzed Man Walks Again After a Pioneering Cell Transplant

The innumerable people who are suffering from paralysis are now suddenly seeing light at the end of the tunnel thanks to a revolutionary new treatment involving cell transplant carried out by a team of British researchers and Polish doctors on a man suffering from paralysis, as he is now able to walk again. The patient Darek Fidyka a Bulgarian national who suffered a knife attack four years back which left him with a severed spinal cord was completely paralyzed from the chest down. However, with the pioneering work of some surgeons from Poland who collaborated with a few scientists from London, Fidyka can walk again with the help of a frame.

The surgeons made use of nerve-supporting cells from the patient’s nose to provide pathways along which the broken tissue was able to grow. The 38-year-old Fidyka has become the first patient ever to make a full recovery after suffering from severed spinal nerves. His recovery is no less than a miracle as he is now able to lead an independent life as sensation has returned to both his lower limbs.

With this latest case, the doctors have overcome one of the greatest challenges in the field of medicine. The technique was developed by a research team led by professor Geoffrey Raisman at the University College London and was put into practice by a team of doctors in Wroclaw, Poland. The surgery which involved harvesting of the implanted cells known as the olfactory ensheathing cells was carried out in an 8 mm gap in the severed spinal cord of Fidyka. The doctors were not at all hopeful and were surprised to witness the restoration of the nerve fiber connections on both sides of the injury which has led to the return of feelings as well as movement to his legs.

The goal of the team now is to conceptualize this procedure to a point where it can be rolled out as a worldwide generic approach.


Dallas Nurse Nina Pham Diagnosed with Ebola Virus

26-year-old Nina Pham who used to work as a nurse at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas has unfortunately been infected with the dreaded Ebola virus while she was treating Thomas Eric Duncan. Pham has been kept in isolation ever since she was diagnosed. Duncan was the first person suffering from Ebola to die in America after he traveled to the country last month from Liberia. He contracted the virus from a pregnant woman in his neighborhood.

Pham was diagnosed with the virus after she reported a mild fever. She is the first patient in the US to contract the illness from a patient. It is believed that a person was in contact with Pham recently when she was infectious and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is tracking that person on a daily basis to see if that person is showing any symptoms of the virus. The Director of Centers for Disease Control Dr. Frieden said that the people who do not show any symptoms are not exactly dangerous, but the sicker they get, the more infectious they become.

The doctor also said that his agency is constantly monitoring the status of other health workers who were treating Duncan and possibly came in contact with him. A clean-up company that worked on decontaminating the apartment where Duncan stayed and the hospital room where he died started to work on Pham’s apartment, the same day she was diagnosed with the disease.

Pham had a pet dog named Bentley and it has been shifted to Dallas Animal Services by men in protective gear. Many are calling for the dog to be put to sleep even though no one exactly knows whether dogs can transfer the virus to humans or other dogs.

Meanwhile people in Dallas are scared that the virus is spreading around their neighborhood unchecked and are criticizing the authorities on social media for not doing enough. All the major international airports are now being told to screen every person coming from West Africa to prevent any more outbreak.


Thomas Eric Duncan, the First Person in US to be Diagnosed with the Ebola Virus Dies

Several patients who were diagnosed with the Ebola virus have been treated in America and almost all of them managed to survive, but the first person who was diagnosed with the deadly virus wasn’t so lucky. Thomas Eric Duncan who was admitted to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas 10 days back died at the hospital on Wednesday. The spokesman of the hospital made a statement to the press about Mr Duncan’s death.

Family speaks out about Ebola Virus

The 42-year-old Liberian told the authorities at the hospital that he had been to West Africa recently when he first visited the hospital after he fell sick a few days after reaching Texas. He however was very scared of his condition and visited the emergency room of the hospital again on 24th September, but was sent home.

Thanks to the deadly nature of the virus, he didn’t show any symptoms when he went through the airport health screening when he arrived in Dallas from Liberia. He was admitted to the hospital only on 28th September and many people are now questioning the judgment of the hospital authorities, saying that things could have been different if they were alert to the situation as Duncan’s condition became a lot worse by that time.

People are also asking why enough stock of the experimental medicine, ZMapp was not kept which was earlier quite instrumental in saving the lives of aid workers and doctors who were working in West Africa. The drug though has not been approved yet by the manufacturers for human use.

His death has created a mild panic in the region as it is feared now that the virus which has killed thousands of Africans will spread in the United States. The conditions of all the 38 people with whom Duncan was in contact are being monitored.

After his death the US Secretary of State John Kerry urged the Americans to step up their efforts to fight against this disease.