Dallas Nurse Nina Pham Diagnosed with Ebola Virus

26-year-old Nina Pham who used to work as a nurse at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas has unfortunately been infected with the dreaded Ebola virus while she was treating Thomas Eric Duncan. Pham has been kept in isolation ever since she was diagnosed. Duncan was the first person suffering from Ebola to die in America after he traveled to the country last month from Liberia. He contracted the virus from a pregnant woman in his neighborhood.

Pham was diagnosed with the virus after she reported a mild fever. She is the first patient in the US to contract the illness from a patient. It is believed that a person was in contact with Pham recently when she was infectious and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is tracking that person on a daily basis to see if that person is showing any symptoms of the virus. The Director of Centers for Disease Control Dr. Frieden said that the people who do not show any symptoms are not exactly dangerous, but the sicker they get, the more infectious they become.

The doctor also said that his agency is constantly monitoring the status of other health workers who were treating Duncan and possibly came in contact with him. A clean-up company that worked on decontaminating the apartment where Duncan stayed and the hospital room where he died started to work on Pham’s apartment, the same day she was diagnosed with the disease.

Pham had a pet dog named Bentley and it has been shifted to Dallas Animal Services by men in protective gear. Many are calling for the dog to be put to sleep even though no one exactly knows whether dogs can transfer the virus to humans or other dogs.

Meanwhile people in Dallas are scared that the virus is spreading around their neighborhood unchecked and are criticizing the authorities on social media for not doing enough. All the major international airports are now being told to screen every person coming from West Africa to prevent any more outbreak.

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