Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alvarado Found Murdered Ahead of the Miss World Competition

The Miss World competition is normally marked by a lot of festivities as beauty queens from more than 120 nations get together for parties and reception. This year however, things will be very different as one of the contestants Maria Jose Alvarado who was missing since the last few days and was all set to represent her nation Honduras was found shot dead allegedly by Plutarco Ruiz. Her elder sister Sofia Trinidad was also killed in the same incident. Their grieving mother Teresa Munoz told news-persons that her daughters were naive and trusting.

A somber memorial has been organized for Miss Honduras on Sunday by the organizers of the pageant where all the contestants are expected to participate. The whole incident has shocked the organizers. The incident took place on November 13, a day before Alvarado planned to fly to London for the ceremony. She was accompanying her sister and her boyfriend Ruiz at a high-end spa in the Santa Barbara province of Honduras. According to police, there was a heated argument between Trinidad and Ruiz which became pretty ugly as Ruiz pulled out a gun and shot at Trinidad first after which he shot Alvarado who was trying to flee.

When the two girls were reported missing, the 32-year-old Ruiz was the only main suspect and he confessed his crime and led the police to the place where the bodies were dumped. However, Ruiz has changed his position now and is claiming that the police are making up stories and that he is not guilty. He said that he was romantically involved with Sofia, but he considered her as his mistress as he has a wife back in his village.

The police officials believe that his protests of innocence won’t convince any jury or judge to set him free as he has been on the wrong side of the law in the past and is a dangerous narco trafficker.

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