Shooting Inside the Canadian Parliament Leaves One Soldier Dead

Canada, a country that has been immune to terror attacks for quite some time, was shocked to witness two back-to-back terror strikes with the latest one involving a brazen attack on Parliament Hill in Ottawa by a gun man. The attack left one soldier dead. The attack was carried out by a person named Michael Zehaf-Bibeau who somehow managed to force his way into the Canadian parliament and started firing randomly before he was killed by a ceremonial officer.

Just a day before this incident, there was an attack on a streets in Quebec, where a radicalized man mowed down a soldier with his car. These attacks clearly suggest that Canada is not really immune to  the terror attacks that we have seen being carried out across the world. The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, addressed the nation after the attacks and condemned the incident and sent out a strong message to the perpetrators that the country will not be intimidated by these attacks and will give a fitting reply in due course of time.

Harper was inside the parliament building addressing his party members when the attack took place. He was immediately taken out of the building and was sent to a safe and undisclosed location. The attack which took place at 10 AM on Wednesday resulted in the killing of a ceremonial guard of Ottawa’s war memorial, Corporal Nathan Cirillo. Immediate medical attention was given to the soldier, but he died from his wounds soon after he was shot.

After killing the corporal, the suspect managed to get as far as the ornate Hall of Honor past a few armed guards before he was shot dead by sergeant Kevin Vickers a veteran of the RCMP. The sergeant was praised widely for taking such a swift action and stopped any more damage from happening as some of the adjacent rooms were filled with many people.

The people of Canada hope that there are no more such incidents and the country’s culture of freedom and openness would remain intact.

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