Amazon Launches the New Fire Smartphone

Amazon has done it again. The Seattle-based e-commerce giant has come up with its own new smartphone called the Amazon Fire Phone which is expected to be closely tied to the services and products that it sells. The Fire smartphone is the latest addition to Amazon’s huge arsenal of products and services. Reports claim that this product is going to combine many features into one single compact device.

The launch

The phone was launched by the founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, who described the product as something that puts everything that you love about Amazon in your hand. The launch was expected for quite some time, especially after the company introduced the Kindle Fire, the first multi-touch color tablet, three years ago.

The experts of the field believe that this is a good move made by Amazon as selling your products on some other platform can lead to a strategic vulnerability as some of these companies are also in the content business themselves. With the launch of this phone, Amazon has given itself a kind of insurance policy as the customers can always buy their phone, if they are having trouble getting the content on third-party platforms. The phone is expected to be priced at around $200 for a 32 GB version while the 64 GB version will cost you $300. The prices are relatively on the higher side when you look at the history of prices of other hardware products that Amazon has had to offer. The phone will be released on July 25.

Features of the smartphone

The phone comes with some very unique features that you won’t find in any other smartphone. Here is a list of these features:

 3D-images

This feature gives you a different view just by rotating the phone. This becomes possible thanks to the four front-facing infrared cameras.

 Audio and object recognition

With this feature, you will be able to find where to buy a book once you take its picture. This is also possible with songs.

 Taking photos

You can take selfies with the 2 MP front facing camera while there is also a standard 13 MP camera on the back that you will find in any other phone.

The phone will be available only with AT&T as they are the sole carriers and customers can pre-order it from Wednesday onwards.

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