Apple to Release Smart Watch on April 24, 2015

apple smart watch iwatch
Apple Smart Watch

Apple to Release an Innovative Smart Watch:

The apple watch will come with five different colors and a few styles and also differing makeups.  One such watch material is the aluminum in the Apple sports watch.  The watch would be strong with anodized aluminum.  This material would be light.  An example of this material is shown in the video below.

apple smart watch iwatch
Apple Smart Watch

Watch Apple’s Sport Watch Video:

Sports Watch.
Apple’s Sports Edition Watch:
The watch is made of a special aluminum material.  This metal is naturally strong and light weight.  This is an ideal material for the Apple Sports Watch.  The engineers have created a new alloy for the watch.  This alloy is 60% stronger than standard alloys, and just as light.  The watch is made from precision alloying.  The anodized finish help protect the watch from the environment such as scratches.  This new watch material sets a new standard in performance and the way the watch appears.

Apple will include “Apple Pay”, and Mobile payment services.  The watch can receive phone calls, text messages, and also track fitness metrics.  The watch can also allow the users to have directions and maps.

The Glass Makeup:
The sport collection glass screen is made from aluminosilicate glass. This glass is resistant to scratches and impacts.  This glass surface is tougher than the ordinary glass surface.
Watch Band:
The band is made for an active lifestyle and shows high performance.  The sport band is durable and strong, and light weight.  The band also features an innovative pin and tuck strap that ensures a nice fitting.  The band colors will come in colors of blue, white, pink, green and black.  The bands can also come with different styles and models, such as the classic straps.
Gold Watch Edition:

Gold Watch Edition.



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