The Multimillionaire – Grumpy Cat

A waitress from Arizona, quit her job and went on to become a multimillionaire and all that just because of one grumpy looking cat named Tarder Sauce. Nine month old ‘Tard’ is now the latest internet celebrity and is known as the Grumpy Cat because of her eternally grumpy looking face. She has already inspired a Hollywood movie and two best-selling books. She has quickly amassed a whopping six million Facebook fans and has made her proud owner, Tabatha Bundesen richer by $100 million.

Rise to fame

It all started when the owner’s brother decided to upload a picture of this snow show sourpuss on Reddit which is a user-generated news site. The image became immediately popular with the masses and was amazingly voted more than 25,300 times in just 48 hours. The fans then went on to create Photo-shopped pictures of the cat’s fury to have hilarious results and soon there was a new meme frenzy. Her picture appeared on You Tube and received 15.7 million views. Grumpy currently holds the hearts of her 521,00 followers on Instagram and 255,000 on Twitter.

A case of feline dwarfism and an under-bite has gifted this otherwise happy cat, the trademark, permanent scowling look on her face. Her audience who are mostly kids, cat lovers and any one who thrives on the cute and the fluff became increasingly infatuated with the feline and drank up all she had to offer. You can see her featured in her first book which is called “A Grumpy Book” and teaching people how to attain ‘true grumpiness’. Her tips include eating ice cream to revel in brain freezes and to remember that a single kiss contains more germs than 100 toilet seats. The follow-up book was called “Observations By Grumpy Cat” that tells you how you always need a partner in crime to blame when questions are raised.

Commercial success

You will see the face of this famous cat every where. Now with the trade mark “Grumpy Cat Limited”, licensed merchandise are widely available and are also popular on the internet. The most popular ones are T-shirts and mugs. Soft toys are now being developed and shall be available soon. By March 2013 they had earned a five figure amount and by May it increased to a six figured sum. The corporation is estimated to be of $1 million in value. You can also see the cat selling iced coffee beverages of Grenade Beverage LLC under the name “Grumppuccino”. She is also the spokes person for a brand of cat food.

Media appearances

Other than the books, and her You Tube appearances, Grumpy Cat has also made a bang in media. She appeared on Today, CBS Evening News, Good Morning America, Anderson Live, VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live, American Idol and The Soup. She also appeared on the “Garage Logic” radio broadcast.


She may be young, but she already has amassed a lot of awards and recognition for herself. MSNBC named her 2012’s  most influential cat. In 2013, she won the BuzzFeed Meme of the year award. At the second annual internet Cat Video Film Festival, she won the first prize golden kitty. A life time achievement award was presented to her at the 2013 Friskies.

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