Season 10 of The Bachelorette Comes to an End

andi dorfman
Andi Dorfman

The 27-year-old lawyer from Atlanta Andi Dorfman finally found her match in 29-year-old pro baseball player Josh Murray. For those who have not yet seen the season finale, spoilers ahead. The audience though were not too enthusiastic about the July 28 finale as the current season was one of the most boring thanks to the absence of any sort of drama. Dorfman was once a fan-favorite as she had rejected the selfish Juan Pablo on The Bachelor. However, the audience were looking for something more which the articulate and level-headed Dorfman failed to provide.

The season 10 was the perfect example of a nice innocent person making for terrible TV. The rating of the entire season was the lowest in the history of the show because of the fairly predictable ending. The show which is mainly about finding true love ended up being a show that reinforces the old-school notions about how women and men behave when forced into a particular situation.

However, there was a moment of awkwardness for everyone involved when the runner-up, 33-year-old Nick Viall demanded to know from Dorfman why she had sexual relations with him when she wasn’t really interested in a long-term relationship, on live TV. It was a total shocker and was the only moment where the audience was really interested in what was going to happen next. It was anyway an open secret where everyone knew that an American girl won’t marry a man without finding out whether he is sexually compatible with her.

In any case, what Nick did by disclosing what happens inside closed doors was quite unacceptable to the general audience, especially in front of the girl’s parents and fiance. The response from Dorfman showed her class as she didn’t over-react at all and handled him the same way a guy would, if he was forced to face a teary-eyed woman he had slept with and eventually dumped.

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