The Movie Deadpool to be Released February 12, 2016

A picture was released from 20th CENTURY FOX to what Deadpool would appear (Release Picture).  Deadpool is a character who is anti-hero that was originally a former Special Forces operative changed to a mercenary.  Deadpool was an experiment that allowed the character to have accelerated healing powers and adopts an alter ego known as Deadpool.  The character is portrayed as having a dark and twisted sense of humor that the movie would shed light upon.  The movie is about Deadpool hunting the man who nearly destroyed his life.
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, and Gina Carano.
Director: Tim Miller

The Main Character

In the original story from the comics; Deadpool has super agility and a power to to heal and regenerate very fast.  Even if most of the body is damaged, Deadpool can still regenerate those physical appearance back.  This character is also resistant to disease and intoxicating drugs.  The character has an amazing healing capability of healing very fast.

20th Century Fox
An american film studio that will produce the movie Deadpool.  The film studio is one of the major film studio that distributed such films such as: Avatar, Star Wars, Power Rangers, X-men and many more.

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