Apple Information For April 2016

Apple announces April 2016 Quarter

Apple commentator says revenue was at $50.6 billion dollars for the quarter.  Apple says the weakness in growth is due to the weak international currency markets.  There was a 9% decline in revenue compared to last year due to weakness in international currencies.  Apple says there are over one billion of active devices.  The iPhones sold at 51.2 million units for the quarter.  Although this may be lower than the last quarter.  Apple says there are three types of customers that buy the iPhones: They are customers who upgrade, customers who switch, and customers who purchase a smartphone for the first time.  Apple has 42% smartphone penetration.  For the country India: iPhone sales are up 56% from a year ago.  Apple says that Apple Pay mobile wallet has one million new users per week, and is still in expansion.  Apple also says there were more shipments of Apple Watch in this quarter.



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