Coca Cola Super Bowl Commercial 2014

Super Bowl is an event in the United States where glamor meets sports, which is watched by millions. It is the annual American Football championship game of the National Football League or the NFL. It acts as a perfect platform to launch many new commercials as large number of viewers stay glued to their TV sets during the game. Coca Cola, the soft drink giant took this opportunity to launch its new advertisement. However, the advertisement ended up getting tangled in a controversy.

This latest advertisement shows a multilingual rendition of the American patriotic song ‘America the Beautiful’ . It is just a one minute video which shows many people of different race and religion singing the song in their own native languages. Many liked the ad as it showcased the ethnicity and diversity of the present day United States, but a large number of viewers did not like it at all and used Twitter as platform to spill their outrage.

Among those offended by the video was radio personality Glenn Beck who felt the ad would divide the American society. Journalist Todd Starnes also took to Twitter to convey his displeasure for the ad by saying that the video encouraged the immigrants not to learn English.

It was also perceived objectionable by some people as the video displayed a gay couple expressing love for each other. This huge outrage shows that a large population of America is still very intolerant and conservative in its mindset. This ad has let the right wing fundamentalists to raise their voice for their demands to codify English as the primary language in America.

This intolerance for cultural inclusiveness among a significant population of Americans is a worrying sign and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible for the well being of the large immigrant population residing there.

Youtube video by Coca-Cola, copyright 2014.

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