Bill Nye Creation Debate

There was a debate held recently between Bill Nye also known as ‘The Science Guy‘ and Ken Ham, the head of Creation Museum. This debate was organized at the Ham’s Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. There was no real surprise after the debate was over as things went about as expected. Both of them countered each others statement one after the other and this went for the entire duration of 165 minutes of their debate.

Nye who was backing the facts of science argued that earth was billions of years old and was created when the big bang occurred. On the other hand , Ham a devout Christian proclaimed that the earth was created by God just 6000 years back.

Nye who seemed to be getting the upper hand over the debate was citing examples of how even the most religious people are convinced that the earth is much much older than what the holy Bible tells us.

Ken Ham who was on the defensive majority of the time during the debate was not at all buying the theory of evolution. Nye kept on telling that humans cannot avoid science for biblical beliefs. If they do so, they cannot move forward. According to him, invention and innovation will stop if we keep on believing all the beliefs of the bible. Nye was directly engaging with the audience and telling them to keep looking and keep searching, while Ham always used the bible as his defense. When they were both asked if there is any possibility of them changing their rigid mindset, Ham was outright in saying no while Nye said that he just needed one simple proof of anything that bible proclaimed about the formation of earth.

Many scientists were critical of Nye getting into a debate with Ham when there was nothing to debate about. However, the debate was successful in filling up the auditorium of the Creation museum where people hardly come otherwise.

Youtube video by Answers in Genesis, copyright 2014.

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