Microsoft Acquires “Minecraft” for $2.5 Billion US Dollars

minecraft game microsoft
Minecraft Game Acquired by Microsoft.

Microsoft announced the acquisition of Mojang, a developer that created the “Minecraft” franchise.  The Mojang group will join Microsoft Studios.  Microsoft Studios produced such gaming blockbusters such as Halo, Forza, and Fable.  Microsoft would like the Minecraft world to have mobile technologies that can enable players to benefit from faster worlds, richer environments, and a more powerful development tools. (Microsoft Announcement)

Minecraft History:

minecraft game microsoft
Minecraft Game Acquired by Microsoft Company

Minecraft is a popular video game launched in 2009.  Minecraft is a sandbox game created by Markus Persson.  Minecraft is part of the developer Mojang.  The Minecraft game was released on the Xbox 360 in the year 2012, and Playstation 3 in the year 2013.  Minecraft allows players to feel the open world that has no specific goals for players to accomplish.  The players are allowed lots of freedom to choose how to play the game.  The game by default is set to first person, although players can also pick third person mode.  The game play involves breaking and placing blocks.  The Minecraft gaming world is made of 3D blocks that are arranged in grid patterns and can represent differing materials such as water, trees, buldings, and other various objects. (Minecraft Website)

Minecraft Gaming Modes:

The modes include survival mode, creative mode, and adventure mode.  In survival mode; The players gather resources such as stone, wood and other various natural resources to craft certain items, such as tools and buildings.  For creative mode; players can access resources and items in the game inventory system.  The inventory can be placed into the environment or removed as the player wishes.  The adventure mode allows players to experience user crafted custom maps and adventures.  Minecraft also has multiplayer mode in which players can interact amongst each other and the environments.

About Microsoft:

Microsoft was founded in 1975, and is in the Nasdaq listed as “MSFT”.  Microsoft is a software company.


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