Sony and Microsoft Take Center-stage at E3 2014

Electronic Entertainment Expo, popularly known as E3, is a premier trade show for video games and computer related products. The expo takes place in Los Angeles Convention Center from June 10-12 every year. This year’s event featured a tough fight between the two giants of the video gaming industry Sony and Microsoft. Entertainment Software Association or the ESA is an institution dedicated to serving public affairs and business needs of companies producing video game consoles.

The event attracts a lot of attention every year with thousands of professionals from all over the world coming here to experience the future of synergistic entertainment. Some very influential people come to visit the expo to witness some new and innovative technology that has never been seen before in hand-held systems, video game consoles among others.

What happened previously at E3 2013?

During last year’s expo, Sony clearly outperformed Microsoft which resulted in the PlayStation 4 outselling the X box One. This happened mainly because Sony put a lot of emphasis on allowing people to share and swap their games. This step taken by Sony was a very consumer-friendly option which attracted a lot of customers to it.

However, if you consider the sheer number of games available to the user, Microsoft was clearly ahead last year. But the scene has changed this year with Sony getting ahead of Microsoft in terms of the volume of titles they had on display at the show. The only drawback, so to say in Sony’s portfolio were the missing first party titles.

This year, Microsoft pitched its X box One as a next-generation gaming machine. The show got underway with the introduction of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The demo of the new game was showcased on the big screen at the expo with an impressive and frantic piece of game-play. Some of the other games which was introduced during the expo includes Far Cry 4, The Last of Us Remastered, Rainbow Six Siege, Dead Island 2, No Man’s Sky, Bloodborne among many others.

When it comes to console sales, how can Nintendo stay far behind? Nintendo will be featuring its products on June 11 midnight at the expo. The company however, will stay away from the keynote presentation. The President of the company Satoru Iwata also won’t be attending the event because of some health issues. The event has already become a huge success.

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