Benedict Cumberbatch Announces his Engagement to Sophie Hunter

Benedict-Cumberbatch gets engaged with Sophie Hunter

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch‘s parents announced his engagement to his girlfriend Sophie Hunter with a notice under the “forthcoming marriages” in The Times of London newspaper. The Sherlock Holmes star had kept his relationship with his girlfriend out of the limelight. They have been spotted together at various occasions most recently at the French Open tennis tournament.

The 38-year-old Cumberbatch’s fiancee is an acclaimed theater director and has also appeared as an actress on screen and stage, including  Vanity Fair, Torchwood and Midsummer Murders. Cumberbatch who has been involved with a number of women before Hunter broke many hearts after his latest announcement. The two have known each other for quite some time now, but they became a couple only a few months ago.

Cumberbatch first met Hunter back in 2009 when the two were filming Burlesque Fairytales. He was dating actress Olivia Poulet at that time with whom he had a long relationship that lasted for almost 12 years. Since then he has been linked to a number of women including actress Liv Tyler, his Star Trek co-star Alice Eve and Russian model Katia Elizarova. Cumberbatch was also linked with socialite Lydia Hearst.

Just before he started dating Sophie, he was in a relationship with Anna Jones, a fashion designer which didn’t last even a year as Cumberbatch separated from her in 2012. Even though he has been linked with so many women, his close friends say that he didn’t even date half of them.

The couple are now trying to fix a date for their marriage, as Cumberbatch has a busy schedule as he has to work on Sherlock in January and he is also expected to get the Oscar this time for best actor for his role in the movie The Imitation Game where he plays the role of a computer genius Alan Turing. Hunter has military and royal ties and has studied modern languages at Oxford.

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