Taylor Swift Pulls Out her Songs from Spotify

taylr swift spotify takes down music
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In a very surprising and bold move, Taylor Swift has pulled out all her songs from the music streaming site Spotify. Spotify is like a giant among the music streaming sites as it boasts of a huge number of subscribers across more than 50 countries with 10 million of them paying the site for its services. This move by Taylor Swift is seen by many as a way to drive up the sales of her latest album 1989 which was released recently. Shake it off, the lead single from the album went  straight to the number one spot on Spotify. Many from the music industry though were not so amused by her decision and condemned it while others applauded her for taking an innovative step to drive the sales up.

Her decision to remove the music can prove to be very significant as she was one of the most popular artists on the site as close to one fourth of the Spotify users streamed her songs. Swift’s relationship with Spotify has always been patchy as back in 2012 when her album Red was released, she criticized the site saying that giving away just $0.006 and $0.0084 per song played as royalty to the artist is far too less. She wrote in the Wall Street Journal that since music is art, it should be valued and that music should never be free.

Swift though is not the first artist to withdraw her songs from the site. Thom Yorke of Radiohead removed all his singles from the site and called for a boycott over biased payment practices. Artists whose songs are not available on Spotify include The Beatles, The Black Keys, AC/DC among many others. Experts though believe that this move is not going to affect the sales of her album in any way as her album has already sold over 1.3 million copies in one week which no artist has ever achieved in a week.

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