DJ Rashad Dies of Suspected Drug Overdose

The Chicago-based juke producer DJ Rashad, was found dead under mysterious circumstances at his apartment in Chicago’s West-side on Saturday afternoon. The 34-year old DJ who was born Rashad Harden, featured regularly in the footwork and juke scene in Chicago. He was pronounced dead by the medical examiner of the Cook County.

The police suspect that he died of a possible drug overdose as he was found surrounded by drugs, but they have not released any official cause of death. The news of his death was announced on Twitter by DJ Godfather. Rashad was all set to perform at a show in Detroit with his partner DJ Spinn and DJ Godfather.

Soon after the news of his death broke out, condolence message started pouring in as Jay Electronica and Disclosure expressed their shock and grief over the sudden death of DJ Rashad. His partner DJ Spinn issued a statement to the Chicago Sun Times saying that the world of music lost a true genius.

DJ Rashad was considered as the pioneer of footwork, a kind of music which is a high speed house variant accompanied by equally high speed dance moves. He gained international prominence recently after he signed up with a British dance label known as the Hyperdub. He released an album last year called Double Cup which is considered as one of the most uplifting and soulful dance albums.

The hardest to be hit by the death of DJ Rashad will be the dance community in Chicago as the city boasts a large group of people who closely follow Footwork, a hypnotic style of dance. Another popular rapper Frankie Knuckles, was also reported to be dead last month. Knuckles was also based out of Chicago.

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